Hand Made

In Scotland

 Pewter Brooches

Pewter Jewellery

of Distinction

Ladycrow eye-catching pewter brooches can be worn to enhance any outfit and are supplied in a distinctive Ladycrow gift box.

Celtic Interlace (M)

Butterfly (S & M)

Bee (M)

Dragonfly (S, M & XL)

Seahorse (M)

Shield (M)

Starfish (M)

Frog on Leaf (M)

Triskele (M)

Celtic Spiral (M)

Turtle (M)

Pictish Boar (M)


Ammonite (M)

Crab (M)

Hare (M &L))

Lizard on Leaf (M)

Hare (M) (XL)

Extra large Dragonfly brooch

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